get off the beaten track

connect with nature in beautiful and tranquil landscapes away from the crowds and stress of busy downhill resorts

train all year round

train all year round and work all key muscle groups for one of the most complete body workouts in sport

Set yourself a new challenge

sign up for the Engadin ski marathon in the stunning St. Moritz valley and feel the thrill of completing a unique challenge

Hugo offered the perfect coaching combination of detailed training plans month by month and lot of encouragement to those of us who were new to the sport. Due to his complete dedication throughout the entire 6 months, all of us accomplished a very significant goal of completing our distances. Most importantly, Hugo is fun, enthusiastic and reassuring when the going gets tough. He is highly recommended
Joan Pattle
Hugo's expert approach combines drive and motivational skills with empathy and compassion, a rare and very desirable mix in someone to whom one entrusts one's fitness goals. Not only this, but he inspires confidence for his knowledge and vast experience of a broad range of sporting pursuits and cross-country skiing in particular: there are many building-blocks on the way towards those first tentative gliding movements on snow, and Hugo guides you through each one, personally sharing the pain and the triumph of mastering every stage. I was part of an eight-strong, all-female group of complete novices at cross-country skiing, with the seemingly far-fetched aim of completing the Engadin Marathon 2019, a gruelling 42 km cross-country race with 14,000 participants, which has a 51 year heritage and attracts the world's elite. After 6 months under Hugo's steadfast eye, we made it through and are already signed up for next year. I would recommend Hugo and Glide to anyone seeking to become Marathon fit or just wanting a different approach to fitness, one that incorporates an element of fun and diversion.
Kate Slesinger
Publishing Director, Tatler & Vanity Fair
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