The Jura Mountains are a sub-alpine mountain range following the course of the France/Switzerland border, an area of outstanding natural beauty.  The Jura has hundreds of kilometres of prepared cross country skiing trails and is the spiritual home of cross country skiing in France.  

Getting there : Glide Jura mountains experiences are easily accessed via Geneva Airport (less than an hour drive).  We provide mini bus transfers from the airport to our base.

Glide offers clients 3 separate experiences in the Jura:  

  1. The Grande Traversée du Jura (GTJ), a challenging 180km cross country ski trail north to south along the spine of the Jura mountains, covering 20 – 35 kms per day.  The French Ski Federation grades the GTJ as ‘advanced’.  Clients need to be confident on their skis and be able to ski over a variety of terrain and  in varying snow conditions most of the day whilst carrying a day pack.  Skiers should be at a very good fitness level and be able to ski circa 6 – 7 hours daily to cover the distance.  The GTJ can be skied in segments or in its entirety depending on client’s time and ability.
  2. Winter Training Camps to prepare competitors for the Engadine Marathon.  Camps vary from 3 – 5 days in length.  Glide instructors teach a combination of skating and classic technique for both experienced and first-time skiers.  We head out onto the trails for distance and interval training with a race on our final day.
  3. A Jura Experience.  This trip is for all levels of skiers with FUN in mind and is a less difficult, diverse and enjoyable experience including Biathlon (skiing and shooting), an overnight stay in an unmanned cabin, an opportunity to go “mushing” with huskies/sleds, and, if you are keen on cheese, a visit to the local Comté cheese fort.

Jura experience review

"Like most great events .... it all started over a coffee ... your guard is down and before you know it you have been lulled in to an idea that seems like a great plan. It will be ok, it’s months away, but soon the months disappear and then it’s weeks then days. Reassured by the positive vibes from Hugo, who provided lists of what to pack, detailing full itinerary, and comforting you that you won’t be the slowest or the worst, what could possibly go wrong? Having found my way to Genève, with my rucksack full of light weight synthetic clothing, it was only an hours ride by taxi until I arrived at a quirky, quaint hotel in the middle of nowhere in the Jura Mountains. The message came through ... the guide will pick you up in 5 min… get changed…. and see you later. This was the start of the most incredible few days which combined, many hours of cross country skiing, in beautiful fairy tale locations, not a soul in site, great camaraderie and bonding with a fantastic crowd and at the end of the day you really felt that you had achieved a great deal and had earnt a well-deserved pint or glass of wine. Personally I can’t think of a better tonic than to arrive at an unmanned refuge in the middle of nowhere light a fire, and bed down after a long day. Our guide I will just mention somehow managed to cook the most amazing sausage and cheese dish, and to our surprise he even had a box of the red stuff in his ruck sack and some candles that he had carried all day! The next morning we were up and out early…. The day could not have been more lovely, blue sky everywhere, new snow, and again not a soul in sight .. led by our amazing guide ... with the positive Hugo giving well needed instruction as to how one should ski off piste downhill with “silly thin skis”. Those who wanted to speed off, did a longer circuit and those who weren’t quite as fast and able consolidated their technique on a shorter, yet quite challenging track . ……every now and again you would see some huskies towing a sledge……just the most wonderful day ended in a different small hotel with one side in Switzerland and the other in France (where magically our suitcases had been dropped !!) There was lots of other voluntary activities, one morning we did a biathlon race , which involved skiing as fast as you can around a course then trying to shoot 5 targets. One asks if there was a dull moment ... and I would honestly say no, say yes to everything .. put your phone away and get involved …Hugo is the most experienced, thoughtful, caring person who will ensure you will have a good time, and he knows the locals. Sign me up for next year!"
Rob James
Founder & Owner, Plantation Shutters
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